Lost & Found

To help you find or return lost items, we have compiled lists below of items reported missing and found by cottagers around the lake.

Posting a lost/found item – please email us (info@glca.ca) with a description and/or picture along with contact information (name, email and/or phone number), and we will gladly post it here for you.

Found June 28

Someone’s L shaped dock is in our bay at 1247 Lackies Lane, about one half mile north of Kilcoo.
Nelson Patterson


May 29, 2017

  1. Lost – Hello from the Colby family! We are inquiring about a piece of our docking system that is missing. We are located on the south side of the lake close to the dam. The dock is grey and approx. 3 by 8 feet (maybe a little longer) and looks identical to the first dock in the photo I’ve attached.  Please let us know if any docks fitting this description have been seen/found.  Thanks 🙂   Tara Colby,  (905) 431-3676







The dock shown in the attached photos was found floating in our bay on Sunday, May 21. I floated the dock into a hanging tree on our shoreline (as shown in the photo). We are located at 1103 Bedlington Lane.  Our cottage is located on the west side of the lake less than 1 kilometer north of Rackety Creek.  We are in a small bay shared with two (2) other cottages. Please call Tracey & Vince D’Alessio for more information, if needed;

Home 905 634-6639; Vince Cell 416-805-5811; Tracey Cell 905 334-5272











May 19. 2017

FOUND by Alan Chapman (thanks Al for all your pictures and help!)

  1. The following pictures of docks and a paddle boat seen on our canoe trip Friday May 19th up the east side of Gull Lake from the “jumping rock” through the reeds towards Kilcoo camp. Two of the pictures are from the east side of North Morris Island on the mainland side, while the other six are on the east side of Long Island. All of these appeared to be washed up and not tethered to any shore.


2. FOUND by Heather Koopman heatherkoopman@aol.com
A large dock has floated into the bay near us. It is in a bay south of Rackety Creek.  The dock is approximately 8-10ft wide by 25ft long with a small ‘L’.







May 18, 2017

  1. LOST   message from Clyde Hillier clydedhillier@rogers.com, we are missing our dock ramp. It is about 10′ X 6′ and has a float at one end. Grey in colour.


2. FOUND by Al Chapman –

An update on where we have canoed over the last few days and where we have seen docks and other items that may have floated away:

  • Sugar Island – it’s worth checking the bay on the northwest side and the north tip of the island
  • Miners Bay – there is at least one dock near the PineRidge boat ramp.
  • The channel on the southeast side of “Sugar Island”, continuing on the east side of “South Morris Island” and down the river to H35 / Moore Falls dam – there we several older docks hung up in the trees, and more docks and other paraphernalia right at the dam.

This boat is located on the north end of Sugar Island.






May 16, 2017

  1. LOST  We have lost a relatively new 9’ by 4’ dock. It has 2×6” sides and ends, and nineteen 5/4 by 6” deck boards, all pressure treated. One end should have a faded green “Chapman” painted on it. We believe it drifted away in the last week. – Al ChapmanAlan Chapman, 1114 Bennett Lane, achapman@computouch.ca is the best way to reach me. Cottage phone is 705 286 4215

FOUND by Al ChapmanOur cottage is located on the east side of Gull Lake north of Miners Bay (close to “Alice Island” according to Google maps). Over the last few days we have canoed south through Miners Bay and also north past the jumping rock and east of North Morris and Long Islands. On the east side of Long Island, in the section that is normally full of reeds, there are many docks, beach toys and even one old paddle boat. There are also a few docks on the mainland side east of these two islands. Unfortunately only a few of these look relatively new. Good luck everyone!

2. FOUND – Dock piece stained brown with three hinge brackets and one or two very short legs. Deck boards are staggered in saw tooth pattern. If this is yours call Bruce at 286-2644







May 15, 2017

  1. LOST We are missing a small row boat. It’s fibreglass, yellow inside, white outside. It was onshore beside our boathouse but we believe it has now floated down the lake.Thanks for posting on the website.Barbara Cowper and Steve Pellegrini
    Cell: 416-845-3108
    1053 Salisbury Rd

2. FOUND The following decking, ramp and dock box were found floating between Deep Bay and Sugar Island.  It was towed to the west shore of Sugar Island adjacent to the Grierson property.







May 5, 2017

There are 5 docks that have floated to the south end of the lake, in the channel before the dam. Here is a picture of one that was saved and waiting for you to pick up as soon as possible.  If this is your dock, please email info@glca.ca and we will let you know who to contact to get it.