What is the Lake Plan?

At the AGM on May 17th, the Lake Plan was approved!

Lake planning is a strategic process that engages all people, governments and business operators to develop and implement actions to maintain or improve the natural and social qualities of life of our lake community.  The process embraces the principles of other planning activities for forests, water and natural resources, plus municipal planning. The process is open and transparent engaging all stakeholders of the lake.

The purpose of the Gull Lake Plan is to engage community members to identify and protect the unique characteristics of the lake and to recommend land use policy and stewardship approaches to ensure long term protection, sustainability, maintenance and restoration of natural, social and physical features.  It affords the opportunity for all of us to document the values which are important to us and create a vision of what we would like Gull Lake to be for future generations.

We are not alone in undertaking the lake planning process. The process is well defined. The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA) has prepared a handbook for the process with considerable reference material to provide us sources of information and examples of each step in the planning process. Also, numerous Lake Associations have already completed their Lake Plans including both Mountain and Kennisis. We are drawing on these examples as we move forward.  Please click the link below for a copy of our plan.

Gull Lake Plan FINALMay 6_2015-print